Thursday, June 7, 2007

An oxymoron: The 'Republican' Party

The GOP Presidential Debates are resembling a comedy tour; it is just appalling and humorous how stupid these men vying to replace Bush are. Mike Huckabee had to roll out the Reagan personality-cult from the get go by stating that last night was Bonzo's birthday(actually it is February 11); the word 'God' was mentioned over twenty times and ' Constitution' had three appearances.Vienna School adherent and neo-Confederate Ron Paul was the lone dissenter when it came to the topic of religion and stated that people needed to read the 1st Amendment. Paul is also against the Iraq War - he just wants to concentrate on making Class Warfare on working people in the United States. No time for foreign entanglements for Dr. Paul; he has a national economy to destroy if elected.

Have momentously decided not to refer to the GOP as the 'Republican Party' at this blog anymore. It is ridiculous that they call themselves Republicans when their entire agenda is to dismantle the republican-nation-state with Jesus at their side. Lincoln was a Republican. Teddy Roosevelt could wear the label. So could good 'ole Ike Eisenhower. But not any of these idiots in public office with an 'R' next to their names today can call themselves 'Republicans' with a straight face.' Corporate Feudalist Party' would be more truthful as the Warmonger-Chickenhawk Party would as well. Today's 'Republicans' are about as republican as Michael Jackson is the archetype for virile manhood......

The criteria for being a republican in a Republic is that you seek to protect it, both defensively and economically. The WOT is not in the national interest of the United States and neither is globalist 'free trade'. A republican puts energy into a harmony of interests and doesn't favor one over the many. A republican thrives for a dynamic citizenry across the board and not bet on apathy, divisiveness, and play on fear to get elected. This constitutional Republic is founded on freedom of religion and from religion as well; Bible Beating should be confined to home and church on Sunday. The political podium is not the pulpit. The American republican tradition is based on a foreign policy of good intentions to all, 'special relationships' with none. We use troops only when we are attacked and directly threatened. Exporting 'democracy' and 'freedom' is not in the republican format or interest. Besides, we here are not a democratic society anyway. We might as well be a coffee exporter or market abroad American made TVs, radios, and textiles....

I still won't take the GOP seriously if they change their Party moniker to something more fitting to their current political tastes and (cough) ideals. But at least these clowns would be more honest.


Duane Johnson said...

Interesting thoughts. I support Ron Paul because I agree with his philosophies on almost every count (they seem very similar to yours, for example, with regard to maintaining the Republic as it was instated by the constitution) although I will concede I don't like the corporate globalist trend and I'm not sure how a free economy can curb the evil in that. I'd be interested to hear a debate between the two sides of this issue.

Redoubt10 said...

Thanks for your comment.

I will concede that Paul is the only one of the GOPers aspiring for the White House who has a degree of intelligence.Paul is more in the Old Right/ Taft/Goldwater consensus than any others running.At least this meme can be said to be 'Republican' unlike the Neocons ideology.

Though I can applaud Paul for his anti-imperialist foreign policy & he's not beholden to the theocrat Religious Right and he gets the 'Constitution' into the debate - his domestic economic agenda is just as bad as the NeoCons, 'compassion conservatives', whatever you want to call them.Paul's Vienna School libertarian economics would only further enable globalism

Anyone coming from the economic-nationalist Federalist/American School/New Deal traditions such as myself cannot support this man for this very reason.