Monday, June 4, 2007

On the current candidates

Lately, some wingnuts are presenting Congressman Ron Paul as the savior of the Republic and the only decent fellow in the GOP running for the top spot. Perhaps these Paulophiles aren't looking beyond his other agenda and criteria besides his opposition to the Iraq War and the Patriot Act. It is my opinion that Paul is one of the worst of the lot of the Republican Party hopefuls, and he symbolizes just as much as the NeoCons what is wrong with the GOP and the nation at large.

Ron Paul's other track record is his support for States Rights and went on the floor of the House to denounce the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The man is a former Libertarian Party activist and is tied in with the Ludwig von Mises Institute which supports anarcho-capitalism and is part of the neo-Confederate movement. Though Paul is against NAFTA, he is nevertheless for unrestricted Free Trade and vows to dismantle what remains of the social-safety net. Dr. Paul has the support of some rather unsavory characters such as the paranoids who operate Infowars. This man, if elected, would certify the end of the Republic and is hardly a "savior". Trade Protectionists need to forget any Republican Party goon anyway.

Conservative anti-globalists need to get over their phobias of liberal Democrats and support the candidacy of Dennis Kucinich. That would be a titanic leap for them, I know, but regardless of some of his far-left positions and his eccentric character, Kucinich is focused on the core issues that conservative trade protectionists are as well. Kucinich has sworn to dismantle all free-trade treaties including the WTO and has dared to raise the 'T-word' -tariff - in regards to China and other nations that the USA has a towering trade deficit with. And yes, he is against the Iraq War and has at least a plan to get out of there. Kucinich is also for the impeachment of Dick Cheney that none of the other Dems running have the gonads to openly advocate.

This may sound ridiculous that conservatives can find a home in the Kucinich campaign, but conservative anti-globalists aren't going to find their man in any of the GOP stooges running now, including Ron Paul. These paleocons, conservative economic-nationalists and others have been shat on and spit out by the Republican Party. Why should they remain loyal to a party like this? They can go third party in '08 and maybe get 9% of the popular vote. The hope is with the Democrats this time around. I am not gaga on the Democratic Party myself, but I don't see any alternative at the moment. The Good-Guy conservatives need to realize the same and bolt for the people who are core-issues centric. Kucinich may appear strange, and he's a strong social-liberal that turns conservatives off, but if the trade- economy is not turned around soon, none of these social issues will matter anyway. Besides, name one candidate for anything a individual has agreed 100% on their platform? Not going to happen unless someone is brainwashed. Conservative anti-globalists are often conservative on social issues too, but what has the GOP ever did for them either on these things? Not much. Maybe with conservative support, Kucinich will compromise here and there on his social programs. Ron Paul? He's a doctrinaire unbending libertarian, or what I dub as a Right Wing Marxist;one might as well support a bona-fide Trotskyite instead.

Kucinich is a long-shot as it is, but maybe with some other support he can take a good stab at the Democratic Nomination. Both Obama and Hillary Clinton are pure opportunists and some are starting to realize this within the Democratic Party. Time to put energy into a maverick, and Kucinich is a probable candidate that both the liberal and conservative anti-globalists can rally around. There have been stranger bedfellows in politics before.

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