Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oh well...

The GOP Senate leadership spared their lameduck embarrassing President a veto by doing what they said by killing off the Union Card Bill - voting to forbid it from coming up for a vote(and some of these guys like to wear democracy on their sleeves). Talk about throwing red-meat to the Dems. Feature that this is the exact time that the Corporate-Feudalist Party needs to distance themselves from those imbeciles in the White House and they are standing by the Shrub (and also the US Chamber of Commerce) and have revved up their Class Warfare another notch at the time when they will need any vote that they can get come '08. Oh well.

Anyone with a degree of common sense knows that the Bush/Kennedy immigration bill is nothing less than amnesty for undocumented workers in the United States and it is made to fail, and it doesn't address remotely the reason WHY we have this catastrophe. Conservative supporters of said amnesty do not want to offend their rich friends who make money from illegal immigration , and/or step away from the Wall Street Journal's open borders dogma, "faith-based economics"; liberal partisans do so in the name of 'political correctness',their Third World spirituality, or are afraid of sounding like "right-wing racists" for opposing this sell-out. Keep in mind that most of these cloaked amnesty people are both Free Traitors and TINA pimps. 'Nuff said. Oh well.. if this amnesty bill passes, the implementation of the *North American Union* is no longer a matter of 'if 'but 'when' and what is left of the US Constitution will go ass-up end into the dustbin. This is what Alexander Hamilton - who did more to ratify the Constitution than anyone else - generally warned about over 200 years ago: if energy is not put into said Constitution it will remain a token parchment of paper. If we do not build our own national economic infrastructure and maintain it, we will lose it. Ben Franklin was so succinct - "A republic, if we can keep it."
Most annoying is that the herd of US citizenry do not really care or even give this dire crises much thought. Just as long as they have their consumer-credit power to buy their toys, knick-knacks and have their Bread n' Circuses - the fall of the Republic, you say?? Oh well...

And every politician in DC knows this collective 'oh well' , oh so well.

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Howard J. Harrison said...

Your analysis is correct in my view, both politically and policy-wise.

As a Republican conservative, I have not forgotten that President Bush has done some signigicant things I view as positive in the past, but this does not make up for the general lack of wisdom the president has persistently shown. He is an embarrassment to the party and should be disowned by them. Republicans in the House should consider impeaching him, on a charge of general incompetece.

A large number of Americans remain moved by misplaced, misty-eyed sentimentality regarding Emma Lazarus' pretty words on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty. And, indeed, some recent Mexican immigrants are strong patriots, like Compean and Ramos---but not nearly enough of them are strong patriots to hold the country together if they keep coming.

I think that reality is slowly bringing Americans around to your point of view, but the process is indeed slow. Don't despair. We're in danger, but we're not dead yet!