Friday, June 8, 2007

Imagine a Kucinich-Buchanan Ticket in '08;-)

Let me begin with trivial news about a trivial person: Paris Hilton's weeping fest about being returned to jail for violating probation. It's academic to state that if Ms. Hilton wasn't an heiress from the Overclass, she would had been long in jail and not had that preferential treatment that was granted to her already. You(if you are a Commoner) and I wouldn't be granted such leniency if we were convicted of driving while intoxicated....and everyone knows that if OJ Simpson and Phil Spector were truck-drivers by occupation they'd be both on Death Roll right now. The Justice System in America is not racist - it is classist. Wealthy dumb-assed athletes, pedophile musicians and Hollywood thespians can get away with murder regardless of their race, color, national origin. This is the reason that I have qualms about capital punishment though I remain a token supporter of it. The affluent aren't held to the same legal standards. Duh. If they change the laws that makes Enron executives and other corrupt CEOs - Economic Predators - on par facing capital punishment for their egregious crimes with commoner sexual predators & other violent predators - then I will be gaga on the Death Penalty. If we stick the needle in the arms of corrupt politicians - I'll be campaigning to make Capital Punishment a Constitutional Amendment. Until then, though I personally support it in principle, I'd be willing to seek it's federal abolition in exchange for economic/foreign policy concessions. Because, Paris Hilton weeps -

"It's not fair!!"

[Shoot a dozen convicted corrupt corporate lawyers, and even the most activist anti-death penalty folks will drop their spiel....:-) ]

Wow, I had a cerebral and polite comment in yesterday's posting from a Ron Paul supporter. I believe that I have spoken enough to what I think of Dr. Paul, but I'll nutshell it again here: his foreign policy is enlightened nationalist in the Federalist Tradition of the United States, yet Congressman Paul definitely is not an economic nationalist. That is my #1 Core Issue here, economics/trade, and Paul is not what I am looking for. The dark horse I'm wasting a bet on is Dennis Kucinich because 2008 is the Democrats to lose. Kucinich, though stereotyped as a *looney lefty* is both an economic- nationalist(via the 'New Deal') and also for a return of "good neighbor" non-aggressive foreign policy - just as much as Ron Paul is. The other GOPers are laughing at Paul, and I doubt he will have any influence on the Party Platform - the GOP is dominated by Christo-crats and imperialist NeoCons. Just because Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld have departed from the BushII Administration, it doesn't mean that neoconservatism is dead. Rather, they are regrouping and are cultivating Giuliani and McCain. Paul's best splash is to return to the Libertarian Party and maybe pick up 3% of the vote. With the likely Democratic nominees, Hillary or Obama, Kucinich can make himself heard in their platform with help, I do believe.

If an authentic economic-nationalist seeks the GOP nomination, I may give him or her support, though I regard myself as a liberal and get turned-off when they talk about social issues and 'God'. In fact, I love to shock my liberal friends by speaking moonshine &roses about Pat Buchanan's magnum opus, The Great Betrayal. Not a greater contemporary text has ever been written in regards to economic nationalism and trade protectionism than this, above. And this is a core issue with Pat unlike his other conservatives in the GOP. Yup, I'd vote for Buchanan over Ron Paul in a heartbeat. I may be a liberal(and proud), but I am flexible. The very existence of my beloved Republic is at stake. This amour I share with *good guy conservatives* and we need to work together, somehow.

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