Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ban All Protectionism

Proponents of outsourcing naturally do not care much about the factory drone losing his or her job because of it. The Republicans, the party of Haves and Have-Mores, would rather not hear about it and want the working class to take a hike, period. The upper-crust liberals, what economist Dean Baker calls *loser liberals*, at least want the wealthy to compensate somewhat for job loses in the form of higher corporate taxes and what not. Yet these type of liberals blame the working-class themselves just as much as the GOP does for their plight via outsourcing. They want everyone to go back to school, as if this would solve the problem.

Very remarkably is that both Republican and Democratic cheerleaders for outsourcing are under the umbrella of protectionism themselves. Yes, the so-called professional class - doctors, lawyers and politicians - are protected from the leveling of outsourcing that they advocate, so Free Trade does them no harm. It's sanctimonious that they cry 'Protectionists!' at working and middle-class economic nationalists, when they are the most spoiled and coddled class there is (they're also practicing socialists since the conservative nanny State supports them).

A modest proposal would be for absolute outsourcing and Free Trade: no longer will there be restrictions on foreign lawyers, doctors and elected officials. Any professional from India or China could do their jobs just as well and also for less salary. The rich want tax-breaks, they say? That's socialism! No more tax dodges and rebates, and the private Defense industry will get no more contracts from the Pentagon. That is socialism and "government interference in the market". Everybody regardless of job or class will have to compete for their positions on a global scale just as American manufacturing and construction workers do. All elected officials will have to forfeit their jobs if some person from the Third World puts in a bid for a lower salary, and so will all other 'professionals'. Life is tough, isn't it? That is what they have always told laid-off factory workers and bankrupted small farmers. Now they shall experience the globalism that they so much cherish.

For now on I am taking my medical care when needed to a foreign born doctor, and I'm writing my Congressmen and two Senators that they should give up their jobs to a guy named Habib or Desi. How dare they discriminate against the global market by being Americans in an American job! These aren't citizens, you say? So what! Hell, the Wall Street Journal says we need open borders and open markets, so politicians shouldn't be immune.They're damned protectionists, and so are the American journalists at the Wall Street Journal.

Morale of this satire: 'Professionals, put your own jobs on the world market or shut up.'

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