Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Conservative Fifth Column

If one reads Neocon blogs such as, quickly he or she will notice that they are obsessed with Fifth Columnists. To NeoCons like David Horowitz and his fellow travelers, anyone meets the criteria of being a 5th Columnist for being against the Iraq War, if they're are not knee-jerk pro- Israeli; if they are not Islamophobic and are critics of Predator Economics. Gee, I guess that means me.

FrontPageMag leaves out a vibrant segment of the American ideological population, and that is the anti-American sentiment from the Right. Yes, right-wingers often have not the Constitutional 'general welfare' of the United States at heart and seek it's eradication as a sovereign nation/state. Specifically, the neo-Confederate Movement(the other NeoCons) within the USA hates America more than any Flag burnin', molotov cocktail throwing ,anarchist or commie-pinko Marxist-Leninist ever thought about.

I'll pick on and single out The Ludwig von Mises Institute,once again. This organization's wheeler and dealer is Lew Rockwell Jr., and this paleo-conservative serves also on the board of The League of the South, a traitorous organization that openly advocates secession from the United States. It is fitting that Rockwell advocates the anarcho-capitalism of the Vienna School and names one of his organizations after its avatar. Despite von Mises and Hayek's innocently appearing code-words of 'individualism', 'liberty' and 'freedom' in their texts, what this School aspires for is a return to Monarchy ruled by the Lords, Dukes, Barons and the Vons like it was in the 'good ole days' of feudalism. That is why these Austrian titled nobility snobs have always been attracted to the ante-bellum South of the USA where Master Vs. Slave morality operated fully. Southern Revanchists today kiss up to the Vienna School's mentality for this very reason, likewise. Laissez-faire and Free Trade were the cherished economic memes of the Old South slavocracy, lest we forget.

A individual by the name of Hans-Hermann Hoppe sums it all up and he should be the poster child of Right Wing Fifth Columnists in America. Dr. Hoppe is a Vienna School devotee currently under full-professorship at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. Hoppe authored a book claiming that democracy is an abysmal failure and he advocates monarchy as the 'alternative'. To people like Hoppe and Kuenhelt-Leddhim, a monarchy is the only way, and secular sovereign republics are the bane to 'liberty'. A King or hereditary ' emperor' is the 'owner' of the realm and he uses many pages borrowed by the pro-slavery philosopher, John Locke, to fit his nonsensical reactionary beliefs. Hoppe is also involved in the League of the South and loves to re-write history by spitting invective at all three of America's Greatest Presidents - Washington, Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt.

Uh...where is the Department of Homeland Security when you need it, pray tell?? Hoppe is a guy who openly hates the very existence of the American Republic and he teaches at a Ami Uni and thus lives off of public taxes paid by hard-working Americans of the state of Nevada. If Hoppe isn't a Fifth Columnist I don't know what is! Instead, folks like ex-Trotskyist, turned NeoCon, David Horowitz, focuses their McCarthyist witch hunts on goofy looney lefty tenured professors like Ward Churchill, who was never a big name until Horowitz made him one in academia. This makes one wonder if Horowitz is actually still a 68er playing like he is a converted conservative(?).

Here is the skinny: the Vienna School, although it advocates *classical liberalism* is actually a branch of the Conservative Revolution, primarily birthed following the fall of the House of Hohenzollern in 1918. The minions of this Conservative Revolution in Germany had one abiding aim of undermining and destroying the Weimar Republic, and they accomplished this very well. Though the Conservative Revolution of the 1920s detested Anglo capitalism, and many of the Vienna School's minions were refugees from the Third Reich, they were nevertheless a freak arm of this movement and remains so today. The situation is this that not everyone who fled the Nazis were good people; some were just as bad as the Brownshirts were. Via Hayek and von Mises, the reactionary Conservative Revolution was brought to the United States under the guise of ' liberalism' and free market economics.
The post-WW2 conservative movement in the United States was by and large an intellectual import from across the Pond that merged with the indigenous Jeffersonian memes. Again, the real focal point of the Vienna School and its attendant Mont Pelerin Society was political in contrast to economic. Despite all of their erudite writing endorsing a form of small government localism and laissez-faire, their main aim is for a re-establishment of hereditary monarchy on the shores of North America. This is not any crack-pot conspiracy theory - it is taking the figures involved at their own words. Just read Hoppe's and Kuehnelt-Leddhin's derision of democracy, republics and the common people who inhabit them. Such figures from this group became pundits for William F. Buckley's National Review, later became a major influence on the 'libertarian' contingent who didn't think that conservative Republicans were capitalist enough. The reactionary Conservative Revolution of the 1920s - that helped the most to destroy the Weimar Republik - had a very American face by the 1950s, 60s and to the present.

The aim of the Conservative Revolution was to destroy the New Deal which they ultimately did, and then ending the sovereignty of the USA as a republic, which they are doing quite nicely at. It is what happened to Weimar and they are doing it to America. Weimar's demise in textbooks has been blamed on the Left and this is a gross myth. The Right wingers did in the German Republic and ushered in the Third Reich; leftists and the enlightened bourgeoisie such as Gustav Stresemann supported the Republic(except for the KPD) by and large. The Conservative Revolution with the Versailles international financial system of the 1920s that wrecked the German economy and subsequently the World's - poor Weimar didn't stand a chance.

Perhaps if America doesn't deal with the right-wing Fifth Column NOW, it will suffer a similar fate as Weimar.

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