Monday, June 18, 2007

On Unions and Jesus

The Corporate Feudalist Party, a.k.a the 'GOP', are continuing their Class Warfare with their usual hubris and energy. Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky has vowed not to let the current Union Bill out of the Senate, and the Corporate Feudalist leadership is mobilized not to even let even come up for a vote via the filibuster. Said proposed Bill will grant US workers further leverage to form labor unions based on card signature instead of having the usual vote at the plant which allows a company to identify who is who, fire the ringleaders and use intimidation and threats to keep an employee from voting for a union. Same old trick straight out of the thing we will see is return of Pinkerton goons and National Guardsmen(oh, they are all in Iraq) firing on strikers.

The Corporate Feudalists do not want to appear to be directing a war on the working class that they are doing, so their public reasoning for using the filibuster (the most anti-democratic tactic of legislative bodies) to block the Bill is that card pledge votes are "anti-democratic" and they "want to protect workers from Union intimidation". Don't the Blue Collar guys and gals feel so lucky to have these stooges for the Overclass looking out for them?? This is the same party that wants to also do away with overtime laws and bring back the 12 hour workday if need be.

August Senators like McConnell want to spare their President a veto of the Bill that he has vowed to do if it reaches his desk;instead they filibuster it, which is a dumb tactic: Bush is a lameduck and is no longer answerable to the electorate - the Senate still is. Why not let the Bill come up for a vote and certain passage and let Bush take the heat for the veto? Goes to show that not only are the Corporate Feudalists' ideas bankrupt, so is their political savvy. If they keep up their War, they will discover that pandering to social conservative issues will no longer get them any votes from the working class.

The problem with the Corporate Feudalist Party is not that they have abandoned the principles of conservatism, is that their current leader has embodied everything about it and notably the worst aspects(NeoCon thuggery&theocracy&predator-economics). Many candidates feel that they have to out-Right Bush, which is appalling since he makes their patron saint, Ron Reagan ,appear 'liberal 'on many things to compare. But let them do it and I am not complaining:if they get a Party Platform that makes Dennis Kucinich look moderate, that is the more the better and hopefully they will suffer a '32 and '36 type of burial come November 2008(if Dick Cheney doesn't start WW3 in Iran first).

The GOP's sole hope at the moment is that the Democrats will trip themselves up by pulling out 'progressive' social issues to head their train, and there is a danger of this. Instead they can neutralize social issues by hammering economics/trade: demonstrate clearly that the the GOP, this proclaimed party of *Family Values* and Jesus Christ, is anti-family with their Free Trade/Union busting/tax-cuts for the rich/imperialist foreign policy. And I always thought that this fellow Jesus Christ didn't like rich folks very well and liked to hang-out with 'losers'?? The Dems can afford to inject a bit of old William Jennings Bryan's 'Social Gospel' into their panache; revive FDR's Inaugural Address phrase of vowing to drive the moneychangers from the temple, without getting nutzy religious like the GOPers are. I personally am a staunch secularist&agnostic and think that *Family Values* is just a Machiavellian power-phrase political con. But they, the Dems, can beat the Christocrats at their own game if the play their cards correctly on the Jesus thing. Reiterate that Jesus wouldn't had beat the workers down by preventing them from organizing a labor union since he was the dude who said - "Blessed are the poor."

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