Friday, June 29, 2007

The Eagle has Landed

After many days, weeks, months of political morass, yesterday, June 28, 2007, was a good day for the Republic. The Bush/Kennedy immigration bill - which would have solved nothing and was a de facto surrender to illegal immigration - was killed in the Senate. The Supreme Court ruled that children couldn't be bused across town to fulfill a school district's race quota in the name of diversity. News reports read yesterday were that 'Fast Track' trade authority at the executive level is set to die on Saturday(and for god's sake make certain it has an eternal death this time!)...the state of Kansas has made English the official language, and America's national symbol, the Bald Eagle, has been removed from the endangered species list. For those of us inclined to believe in meaningful coincidences(synchronicity) perhaps this last phenomena was the most important of all.

True, all of these above are quite minor in the grand scheme of things, the fight for the Republic. The work ahead remains gargantuan and there is no call for popping champagne corks yet. But, let's take it. Yesterday was a good day, and hopefully the date signifies the beginning of the end of globalism, multicultural Identity politics, free-trade, and the USA is no longer on endangered nation's list as the Bald Eagle is no longer an endangered species.

We need to craft an authentic immigration bill that addresses the Why of undocumented workers, and more needs to be done - much more - to promote a color-blind society based on citizenism within the Republic. Having the individual states of the Union pass laws making English the official language will just be mere symbolism if energy is not enforced.Work is ahead and it is a towering stack.

Why the social-liberals took so much offense at the High Court's ruling is rather silly. If they look at it, all Justice Roberts was doing was echoing the spirit of Brown vs. the Board: one cannot discriminate against school admission based on race or national origin. That include Americans via all races. Just as laissez-faire is the dogma of some, multiculturalism is the Nicene Creed with others. Few besides social liberals are more obsessed with race, bean-counting based on skin color and hyphenated names than they are. Being good citizens is not on their draftboard apparently. They need to check themselves and recall that recently departed liberal icon, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., was one of the first to be an opponent of the multicultural agenda of the 68ers who despised 'National Liberals' such as himself and derided them as "social-fascists"(which was the old Moscow line against Western social-democratic reformers). Liberals need to promote color-blindness and chuck all of this diversity, multicultural crap, which only makes the citizenry of the United States more divisive, if anything.

Nevertheless, the Bald Eagle is back!


Howard J. Harrison said...

I am not sure that I have much particularly to add to what you have written, Mitch. The immigration story yesterday seemed so central that I had missed most of the others, You do a service by bringing them together to light. The bald eagle is no longer endangered? English official in Kansas? Very fine.

I am willing to admit that the policy and politics of 'Fast Track' trade authority have always escaped me. I believe that it is significant, but I do not really understand how, other than symbolically. If you happened to have insight here, I should be interested to read.

Redoubt10 said...

'Fast Track', as we know, gives the executive branch trade authority to negotiate treaties etc, and then delivers them to Congress for a mere yea or nay vote. Under Fast Track, Congress, in many opinions, forfeits their constitutional authority in that they are not allowed to add ammendments or delete aspects of the trade bill before them.

It may be mere symbolic since Fast Track was taken away from Clinton in '94, but that coincided with NAFTA and the WTO in that decade. But w/o Fast Track, the current Kommissar for Free Trade, Susan Schwab, will have her work cut out for her in negotiating trade deals because she will always have to keep congressional authority in her head(as she is suppossed to) given that the legislative branch is moving away from free trade.

Congress needs to stop monkeying around with syntax in their wishy-washy 'free trade skepticism' and do what is direly needed: kick the living guts out of globalism. Abolishing Fast Track is the alpha of this sequence. Now let's do what is the crux of the matter:smash NAFTA, WTO,IMF, the World Bank into a thousand pieces.

Someday, Howard, when I am in a less subtle mood, I may just state what I REALLY think about it;-)