Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I hate PJ O'Rourke(I really hate him)

I've been picking on 68ers turned conservative a great deal lately, and thus far the need to do so has not abated. Next character who meets this above criteria is PJ O'Rourke - former hippie turned stooge for the Cato Institute. 'Libertarians' love him as much as I hate his friggin guts and it is beyond me how anyone would think this idiot is a master satirist in the same league as HL Mencken and an authority on 'classical economics'. Like a lot of New Leftists from the Sixties, O'Rourke could see where his money could come from by making a right-turn later on.

Never did I pay much attention to this man at all until I seen an interview of him on PBS shuckstering his latest book, a revisionist take on Adam Smith. The meat of said interview is O'Rourke pandering his Trade-Deficit Denial gnosticism and claimed that Adam Smith would agree with him if he were alive today. O'Rourke failed to mention Smith's famous exceptions to Free Trade dogma, and everyone of them would be applicable to the current United States's de-industrialist, outsourcing trade policies. Actually,Smith would be smeared by PJ as a "protectionist/collectivist" if the man had ever bothered to read his exceptions to laissez-faire in the Wealth of Nations. Verily, I felt the urge to jump through the television screen and gangster-slap this burned-out druggie, 'Hip-Capitalist'(he has a stupid looking face anyway).

PJ O'Rourke, and those 'libertarians' like him, need to actually work in a factory somewhere. And then subsequently outsourced from that job. Rather, they need a occupation in the McJob service sector which is quickly becoming "the only job in town". This is the same thing that they say about armchair socialists and it is applicable to these Rand-roiders like O'Rourke as well: 'libertarians', few of them, have ever had to do any real work for a living. Despite their spiritual dedication to capitalism, many have never operated a legitimate business of their own and doubt half of this many couldn't balance their own checking accounts.

Free Market economics has been good for PJ O'Rourke - especially since he has never had to work and slug out in the marketplace. Like a lot of suburban chic leftists need a Holiday in Cambodia, the image of PJ sentenced to life as a Walmart Greeter beats counting sheep on insomniac nights...

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