Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Slapping around Larry and Curley...

The Ten Little Reagans gathered again in S. Carolina for a debate on the 'issues'. According to reports, the 'issues' discussed were the usual ones from the GOP playbook: fetus politics, the right for psychos to buy guns and commit massacres, making Dubya's tax cuts for the OverClass permanent. Rudy Giuliani pledged to cut the federal budget, Reagan style. Half- a -billionaire Mormon, Mitt Romney, spared with John "the Mummy " McCain over flip-flopping..... Duncan Hunter assured everyone that none of the other nine contenders is a bigger warmonger than he is and gave the crowd his best John Wayne persona. What a crew. I was surprised that all the ten didn't slobber over the passing of the Christocrat- Moron Majority Iman, the Reverend Jerry Falwell.

I did catch the Mitt Romney interview on 60 Minutes last Sunday. I was struck by the plasticity of all the Romney family where everyone is good looking, rich, and pious devotees of the cult of the Latter Day Saints. Except for the religious part, they reminded me of characters in a soap opera. Mitt says he looted many companies as CEO and can't wait to get his hands on Washington, tongue-in-cheek. Not only is he a proud economic-predator, he does it without any stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine, booze, drugs and cussin'(Mr. Romney emphatically wants the American people to know that he doesn't swear.). His wife is a 'babe' so he won't need oral sex in the Oval Office from an overweight intern. Wow, what a guy!

Puts me in reflection of the founder of Mitt Romney's cult, the shyster flim flam man, Joseph Smith. Mr. Smith wanted to go to Washington real bad and set up a Mormon theocracy. He had something like twelve wives to give him oral sex. But no can do since other religious freaks killed Joe, and his flock high-tailed it to the desert of Utah. Now Romney can fulfill Mr. Smith's dream of being President. Maybe Jesus will come down in a UFO for Romney's inauguration....

It has been said that in these days and times that no liberal should speak ill of another liberal. I think that this is a stupid rule, whoever came up with it. I know that there are bad liberals such as these ones like James K. Galbraith, Tom"the world is flat" Friedman and those immersed in inane 'Identity' politics and love to use hyphens and 'nations' except for the nation that they should be concerned about, the USA. All of these issues - gay marriage, pro-choice, multicultural diversity, sobbing over baby seals and Brazilian rainforests - are at best, marginal topics in the grand scheme, full-picture of things. In fact, dwelling on these issues above plays into the Republicans' hands almost every big election. They need to shuffle these petty things to the bottom of the pile and start hitting the GOP hard on the general economy, trade and foreign policy. And don't take the neo-liberal/ predator-lite, Clinton route doing so. Once we get our store in order - if - they can begin addressing these social issues, or better yet - keep sending them to the bottom of the pile.

James K. Galbraith's apologia for free-trade is based on his assertion that social-democratic Sweden has free-trade, so it must be okay. Thus, American liberals need to get with "reality" and accept the global edifice. Yawn.. Some liberals are as obsessed with Scandinavia more than free-market, minimal government libertarians have Switzerland as their pin-up model. Neither segment factors that both Sweden and Switzerland are not the United States, and they have different situations in the geopolitical and economic scheme of things. Though there are many things about Sweden and Switzerland that is on the surface admirable, neither nation can be transplanted here. Sweden is a small country, already integrated in the European economy that has a broad social safety net that subsidizes their populace where the ill effects of free-trade are not felt as roughly. The USA is in a totally different trade/economic situation than Sweden or Switzerland, and American liberals and Jeffersonian conservatives need to get over their respective womanish attachments to these two countries.

Pat Buchanan would make a better advisor on trade than James K. Galbraith with his weenie hand-ringing apologetics to globalism. Protectionist liberals need to reach out to the conservative economic nationalists given that they know that they aren't welcome in the GOP anymore. Having the Galbraith Juniors and the Tom Friedmans in camp with their Swedish obsessions will not help the cause.

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