Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bust the Labor Busters

It's always time for a vomit-laugh when Republicans - who are primarily in the pay of the corporations and their lobbyists - point their fingers at Democrats who sponsor pro-labor legislation as "serving the interests of Big Labor".

The Bush Administration is threatening vetoes of proposed Labor reform laws that puts a check on labor busting activities of Big Business, and Republican Congressmen such as Pete Sessions and John Mica are belly-aching about Labor Union "earmarks", since Labor usually contributes to Democratic candidates come election time. In comparison to the corporate funding that Republicans rake in, Labor lobbyist monies are rather insignificant. And by the way, I think that the Dems are merely doing their jobs of looking out for the working class, which is the majority of the population. When have the Republicans in the last generation did anything to help working America? Federal income tax cuts don't really count since every tax-cut from a GOP Administration has benefited their rich friends. When people like me mention this, the rebuke is always that the Dems are engaging in envy and class warfare. Even if it is class warfare, the Republican Party from Ronald Reagan on started it. Envy? No, it is called 'survival' for desiring worker protection and attaining the living wages that they deserve. If the GOP had it's way they would allow their corporate buddies to pay wages in pesos and would re- institute the 14 hour day, seven days a week. Worker's Compensation, safety laws would be annulled. Their vision for Working America is that of absolute feudal slavery and they've been edging that way in leaps and bounds since their Gimp, the Gipper, came on the scene in 1980.

Any economic nationalist, even a 'conservative' one, should be a cheerleader for the Union Label. This edifice is trying to put a roadblock on the designs and ways and means of globalism and needs all the support it can get.

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