Friday, May 4, 2007

The Night at Ronnie's Playhouse...

The Ten Stooges - GOP Presidential aspirants - gathered at the Ronald Reagan Library last night to wallow slavishly in the Reagan personality cult and continue the Big Lie of the "greatness" of Bonzo. Now that Bush II's Neocon regime has the approval of less than 30% of the nation, the Republicans are trying to re-discover their existential selves and have to find a hero, role model. It shows their intellectual poverty that they have to resort to the false and undeserving Reagan cult;the GOP today has bankrupt ideas and they lick the posterior of the man who bankrupted the country.

The Presidential library that they should have gathered at was the Eisenhower one in Abilene, Kansas. Ike was the last Republican President to balance a budget, btw, and every one of the 10 Stooges claims to be a *fiscal conservative*. Yet they congregated at the Library dedicated to a man who was the most fiscally irresponsible President in the history of the United States. The Eisenhower Era was the decade of high growth with scores of Americans becoming upwardly mobile and joining the middle-class. Reagan began class war on the middle class in the 1980s, something that has not abated to this very day. Eisenhower was a realist who tried to manifest detente with the USSR; Reagan, though not a neocon himself, let all of these neoconservative thugs into his Administration, plus the Bible Beater -Religious Right. These two factions, along with supply-sider pyramid schemers / Vienna School predators, are what is essentially wrong with the GOP, and Republican Party candidates are too daft to realize it. They are the cosmopolitan corporations' bought and paid for candidates anyway, though so are many of the Democrats.

How far the GOP have fallen from their roots that they are trying to find. The Party of Lincoln used to be also the faction of the American School of economics which was previously oriented in the economic policies of Hamilton and the great Whig, Henry Clay. When the Robber Baron Social Darwinists took over the GOP in the late 19th Century, Teddy Roosevelt led the Progressive charge to get the party back and had limited success. The free-market predators returned to the GOP helm in the 1920s and busted the economy with their low-interest credit speculations(sound familiar?). The Democrats took over the American School consensus with the New Deal in the Thirties, and every GOP Presidential nominee until 1964 accepted the social-market that FDR created, kept the reactionaries and free-market boobs on the margins within the party.

There used to be such a thing as a *Liberal Republican* but such a creature is nearly extinct. Rudolf Giuliani, for example, may be inclined to social-issues liberalism, but has no economic and foreign policy thoughts of his own. He is an empty vessel waiting to be filled by Neocons and globalist free-market maniacs. And whoever thinks that John McCain is a "maverick" has obviously not been paying attention. He's an out and out Neocon and always was, and has been proven to be corrupt.

Picking Reagan's Library for a soriee is enough proof for me that the GOP is not interested in rediscovery of their 'roots', and hopefully they will get their clocks cleaned in 2008 across the board.

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