Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The current freshmen Democrats in Congress were sent there for more reasons than Iraq. Many of the new class are economic populists with a mandate to do something about the globalization policies endorsed by Wall Street. Currently, the Democratic Party's financier wing is putting pressure on the freshmen Representatives and Senators to toe the Free Trade line of the Clintonian DLC, which is nearly identical to that of the Bush Administration. Again, this laissez-faire lite is where the Democrats went wrong initially, and the freshmen elected officials are under obligation to do something about the DLC and hopefully purge these arrogant economic traitors from their midst. The Democratic Party needs these New People to re-set the paces.
Out of all forms of nationalism, the worst kind of it currently is these neoconservative globalizing goons who masquerade themselves as 'American Nationalists'. Such species are neither 'American' per se nor 'nationalist'. The ABC's of this specious ideology is an ersatz blend of globalistic memes such as Trotskyitism married to the ideology of international free-market capitalism, which is not American. American capitalism traditionally ran based on the national model and retained until recently at least a sense of noblese oblique to the citizenry of the nation-state. Even the Guilded Age barons kept their economic predation at 'home'.
Anyone endorsing and promoting globalization that is sucking the life out of the USA's infrastructure and decaying the political autonomy of the nation/state cannot with a clear, sane head refer to themselves as 'nationalist'. More truthfully they should call themselves imperialists, or Right Wing- Marxists - this is exactly what these people are. Don't let their public claims of dedication to the 'American Way of Life', fool. Their only loyalty is to the corporate elite who have no loyalty to anyone besides their own private interests. Look who's funding these NeoCon think-tanks: Get and pay-off a bunch of Ayn Rand/Hayek reading geeks and classical culture snobs;ex-Communists wanting to make a buck;Chickenhawk foreign policy promoters and Fundy Christians with their 'Family Values' con to write and push the corporate modus operandi - not a bigger and more shrewd racket has ever been created! My hat's off to them.

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