Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Uploaded is another website I have found while surfing - "The American Protectionist Society" (see left column) dedicated to annihilating Free Trade. Cheers all around. Interesting enough, this American Protectionist Society seems also partial to Vienna School avatar, Ludwig von Mises; such economic folks and their followers are one of the prime reasons we are in this trade morass in the first place. Usually protectionism is that bane for such Free Market Bolsheviks(yes, they are) but the APS seems to be broad minded and enlightened people and apparently doesn't hang on every word that von Mises and Hayek wrote.

Here I am supposed to be a man of the Left,and most of the people at 'Blogs&Websites' that I have listed are conservatives or libertarian oriented in economics. The situation is that most of the anti-globalist Left are only so because laissez-faire harms the developing world and Free Trade is ecologically detrimental. Plus, the said left -of-center anti-globalist movement is just perennially hostile to any form of private enterprise it appears. The difference between them and wittle ol' me at 'Left-Federalist' is that I look at the situation from a national political economic base. The anti-globalist Left remains dedicated, by and large, to a fuzzy-wuzzy internationalism regardless of their hostility to Free Trade. And many do not dare utter the 'T' word in their program given that tariffs are designed to protect the economic infrastructure of the nation/state. The anti-globalist Left is still ate up with utopian anarchism, and I am quite the unapologetic statist(to put it in RandSpeak). Except for market-socialists like David Schweikart, it is difficult for me to find fitting fellow-travelers in economic protectionism from the Left, so this is why at the moment that *Blogs&Websites* has largely centrists and right of center hominids. The anti-globalist Left needs to get over their own hang-ups and realize that people like Buchanan are opposed to the same core thing that they are. There are many things about Pat that I still don't like, just as there are things about Nader that is unappealing to me. But if I can set my own prejudices aside about right-wingers - so can they.

Ergo, I mainly ally with the 'Free Market in One Country' people who are firmly in the trenches against globalism and give a hoot about the national economy and the people in it, though we may differ radically on the internal details.

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