Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Mr. Bush: Accept Putin's Offer!

If Bush has any grain of intellect in his being, he will go along with Russia's offer to have the useless MDS deployed in southern Russia instead of the planned placement in Poland, the Czech Republic. Yes, I don't doubt for a single moment that Putin has ulterior motives(as we would in his shoes), but this NeoCon Administration has made the USA - once the beacon of light on the free world - a pariah state with most of the population of the dark Earth. Bush is no longer answerable to the electorate - but he is answerable to history.

The NeoCon lobby will use Cold War metaphors that Putin's proposal is appeasement if accepted. Actually, it is on the surface Realpolitik good-sense. If Bush is honest that the MDS is only to counteract radical Islamic regimes like Iran when they attain nuclear weapons capability, deploying them on Russian soil will be an act of good-will and perhaps will lead to more amicable Moscow-Washington relations in the near future. We direly need at least one of the two, Russia or China, in better, warmer dialogue. Ideally, I'd prefer a loose USA-EU-Russia triad partnership in international relations; a concert of powers if you will. Besides, if or when the next Administration gets a pair and levies import tariffs, we in the United States will need other nations in our corner when China and the other Asian tigers raise protest at the imposition of said tariffs. We need allies that matter on the macro world scene; having smaller nations like the Czech Republic and Poland, romanticizing unduly this UK-USA 'special relationship' is not cutting it.

If Bush rebuffs this offer from Mr. Putin, the GOP members of our federal legislature need to find a pair and impeach, then remove this man along with Vice President Dick Cheney. Enough is enough! This Administration should had been impeached long, long ago. Bush has not provided for the general welfare of the nation - he has put us in further peril. Besides, politically they do not want to be linked to Bush in '08 anyway.

Deploy the MDS in southern Russia, or do what is really right and scrap then entire program. Deployment of this system in Eastern Europe will be the re-start of the Cold War and this time we won't have a Stalin to blame for it, but a Bush.

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