Friday, September 7, 2007

The two pillars of the current' American Way of Life' -work and individualism - have both shining and glaring contradictions. Though we today do the 24/7 work/consumption(and debt) routine, we are some of the laziest people on the planet outside of the job site(s). We work longer and have got fatter than the previous generation, and at the shopping mall - even in fair weather - witness the bipeds drive around the busy parking lot for 10 minutes just to find an open space that is close to the entrance ( once I watched this fat bitch - who nearly tagged my truck - in a BMW do this. I parked way back in the boon docks and hiked in in less than a minute. I walked in the door and noticed that she was still driving around searching for an opening, close-by. She finally made it in the store and I noticed that she had *Slim-Fast*products in her cart!); one spouse of a relative insists on driving to her job though she lives a mere two-blocks from it; the other day I opened the office door for a banshee who didn't want to make the effort to get her own key and walk back(she was the same distance from said office that I was;Banshee was on her way to the Athletic Club for a cardio, undoubtedly.) These are some subjective observations out of numerous....

As for individualism, Americans are the most Herd-like creatures - whilst they be Squares or think that they are part of the *Cool Ones* maximizing their individualism for all the world to see. I don't have much bones to pick with the Squares(Frat Boys/Chamber of Commerce/Stock Broker/Insurance racketeers, etc.) since most will fully admit that they are going along with the flow, playin' the Game, keeping up with Jones - it's these coffeehouse/hirsute/ purple or Ronald McDonald haired Roosters adorning themselves with fishing lures in their faces, thinking that having shit permanently engraved in their skin makes them really unique specimens in the known universe. Each their own - I'm keen on that. If people want to look like Walt Disney puked all over them, that's okay with me. If they have more pieces of metal in their faces, tongues and other body parts than I have in my fishing tackle box - bloody well n' good. What is the objection is that when such creatures somehow believe that they are non-conformists and that they're their own personal archetype of an *Individual*(just ask them). The negation is that they're merely conforming to a notion of non-conformity - doin' what their friend or some celebrity is doing;notice that these self-proclaimed individuals always run in packs, just like all other humans do. Those who confess that they just want to be 'Goth', 'Punk', Metal Face,HipHopper, Rastafarian(the Caucasian Dreadlocked bunch are particularly amusing to behold) neoHippie/neoBeatnik, whatever category - I respect them for being truthful. But don't give me any of this 'individuality' crap - they have little concept of it.

And few homo sapiens sapiens are true individuals/non-conformists - just like true Genius comes around once in a blue moon. Genuine article individuals are usually found in the NutHouse or they inhabit downtown streets and eat out of garbage cans(in the Middle Ages they were burned at the stake for being witches), and they can keep it. We're all Herd and social animals regardless how much persons deludes themselves thinking - "I'm a unique Individual and the sun personally revolves around Me!"

And Yanks are the most adroit cattle-grazers that there is. They know all about having&doing mind you, but speak on Being - you might as well be trying to converse in Swahili with them: just greet a colleague with "How are you being?" instead of 'How do you do?" and watch the momentary blank look on their countenances before they reply....


Howard J. Harrison said...

I admit that I have never really understood the cult of individuality. If anyone asked me how individualistic I thought that I am, my reply would consist of a blank stare.

I do not begrudge the individuals their individualism. I just do not quite understand their sense of it. The stickers on my hard hat line up in unremarkable rows, my car is a white four-door with neither personalized plates nor bumper stickers, I grow ordinary tomatoes in my garden and I have no tattoos. My hair (to the extent that it has not fallen out) is a little longer than it was in my military days, but not much (I also have a short beard now, but it is not any special shape, just beard-shape). On Sunday mornings my shirt is likely to be white, my tie red, and my blazer blue (with those little fake-brass buttons that all have nautical emblems on them for some reason I have never quite fathomed).

I suppose that I am not an "individual," then? If so, then that's news to me.

Your Slim-Fast story was illuminating.

Redoubt10 said...

Even we are 'being ourselves' we are more or less considering some social function that we feel compelled to attend, participate in or it's required.

The message here was primarily aimed at those who think that they are non-conformists, when actually these folks are the most conformist that there are. Purposeful alleged non-conformity negates it, and it is at its core a sub-tribal reaction against another group of hominids, i.e. , 'Punks vs.Preppies', Geeks vs. Jocks, etc. Non-conformists have their own set of rules and how a person should act like and look to be a member of 'their' group. That's natural and expected. Most do not admit this, however, and some lay this 'individualism' con down.

The American Individual Cult is like another one, meritocracy. They are both myths, but we persist in believing them. The concept doesn't extend much further than what a person feels the need or want to consume, stuff to have - and they usually have Dear Neighbor in mind when they make their purchases, what he has.

On the other hand, it is good that few are 'unique individuals': Ted Kacynski was one of those, and who wants to be like him(and he was just following this Walden/Luddite meme to an extreme.)?

Howard J. Harrison said...

I shall make the remark one more time, then let it rest for a while. If you can find the time, you should write a book.

The American Individual Cult is like another one, meritocracy. They are both myths, but we persist in believing them.

This is quite an insight, Mitch. I had never thought of it in this way, but of course you are right. It is precisely because of such insights, dense on the ground here, that the book is called for.

Now, the blog itself is no manuscript. The blog is at its best (in my view, which you can regard or disregard at your discretion) when you are in a conversational rather than a vituperative mood. Clearly, the blog needs careful editing to turn it into a manuscript, but though important that is merely a technical detail. Do you realize how densely original the blog is? All the material for an important book is here, or is rapidly appearing as you write as the months go by. This pioneering blog represents a synthesis, in Hegel's sense of the word.

On the Internet, anyone can publish anything, so that is what they do. 98 percent of it is pretty much uninteresting, but there is the 2 percent, which this blog in my view represents.

Give the matter some thought. Keep writing here when time and interest permit, because the blog articles provide the raw material from which a manuscript some day can be assembled. You need no pretentions to authorship, because you actually have something original and historically pertinent to say. So, say it. Or rather, write it.

Once you write the book, then maybe you can get elected to Congress and help to right America's listing ship of state.

Now, you may think that my enthusiasm carries me away from the path of reason, but I ask you this question: have you read anywhere, from anybody, a vision that closely approaches your synthesis? Contrast my own blog: Pat Buchanan, John Derbyshire, Edward Leigh, Steve Sailer, Peter Brimelow, Mary Jackson, and (on his lucid days) Paul Craig Roberts, taken together, cover its ground pretty thoroughly; there is not much truly original thought in it (which is fine with me; I affect no pretentions). It may be that I do not read in the right places, but I cannot list a corresponding ensemble who cover your blog's ground. Ergo, a book is called for.

This does not mean that I would agree with everything you wrote. For example, as you know, I find your more or less conventional anti-racism to be outdated, even myopic. But I do not speak of the things your blog is not about; I speak of the things your blog is about. These form a highly originial body of thought which, I think, merits book form.

Redoubt10 said...

Thanks for the regards, Howard. I admit that it made my day to read them and the ballcap on my head felt a bit tighter;-)

Don't want to appear engaging in false modesty, or throwing compliments back into your face here, but as for this 'book' proposal, I wouldn't know where to begin, and I most likely wouldn't have anything original as finished product. Besides, I have no Uni degrees on my wall, no credentials, and am not hooked into to some Think Tank to promote any book. Who would publish it? America used to have a tradition of embracing autodidacts, but those days are long past.

Really, I don't think that I've come up with anything novel here at the Blog .I'm just assembling memes in a haphazard fashion, and have lately been utilizing it for journal purposes to blow off steam, sometimes about unrelated things. Kind of getting more sociological and subjective with it, yet my political agenda remains the same as always.

Though it's still early yet, I am disapointed that none of the major contenders for the White House has made the Trade thing a core issue, and I don't see it happening; the so-called anti-globalist movement hasn't made a baby-step to unity as they need to do, and this is what I am mostly about here. So to keep the blog up I use it for other stuff one may read from bipeds that inhabit 'My Space' type things.....

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